Our Culture

Our culture is driven by what we believe. We’re big on cultural fit – our people with us and us with our people.

We're driven by what we believe

We believe that our strength can be found in our respect for our heritage while celebrating our future. New Hope is Australian born and bred, based in regional Queensland. We share the passion that many Australians have for the land and encourage a culture of hard work and true mateship. At the same time, we can neither live in the past nor stand still. That is why innovation and entrepreneurship are central to our culture. We encourage our people to explore new business opportunities and new ways of doing business so that we remain leaders in our industry.

We also believe that our strength is driven by the quality of our internal culture  and contribution to our external environment. Health and safety remain paramount to everything we do. We invest in training, systems and processes to ensure that our people are skilled and supported to protect and enhance their wellbeing. We take the time to develop our people to ensure we have a high-performing workforce that is proficient throughout all areas of our business. We also believe that work should support strong families, which is a benefit of our locations in Queensland.


Our senior team is committed to developing and mentoring the next generation and working alongside them to build two-way relationships that add mutual value. Our culture is also driven by an outward focus that seeks every opportunity to play a meaningful role in the community and for the environment. We don’t operate as a silo – we recognise that our actions have impact well beyond the borders of our operations.

We're here for the long haul

New Hope is here for the long-term and we behave like it. We strive to maintain a work environment where our people not only succeed – they also know they have personally contributed to our broader success.

People determine effectiveness and that is why our culture matters at New Hope.